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When deciding a flooring for your home, it is important to think about not only the color and design, but also your lifestyle. We have options that will stand up to even the busiest of households. 

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We carry several varieties of flooring options that will fit any home and any lifestyle. It is important to consider, not only style, color, and design when choosing your flooring, but also your lifestyle. Busy homes need flooring that is extremely durable and easy to maintain and keep clean. We carry a variety of flooring options that are water-resistant and waterproof, stain-resistant, fade-resistant, mildew-resistant, and more. We carry flooring that is built to last for many years and can stand up to even the busiest of families. You don't have to sacrifice your floors just because of life's regular messes. Learn more about our kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and waterproof flooring options below. 

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Kids can be messy. With kids you never know what kind of spills or arts and crafts accident will happen next, but your floors don't have to suffer. We have several kid-friendly, stain-resistant, durable flooring options that you will love. Whether you want carpet, laminate, or vinyl flooring, you will find the style, color, and design you want that will look great for many years. 


We understand how much pets mean to your family. But with pets, come extra messes and wear and tear. You don't have to sacrifice your flooring for your pet. Our pet-friendly flooring options are durable and stylish. We carry a variety of stain-resistant, fade-resistant, water-resistant, and waterproof flooring that you will love. Whether you want carpet, laminate, vinyl, or tile, we have a pet-friendly flooring perfect for you. 

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No matter how careful you are, sometimes messes and leaks happen in a home. You want flooring that can stand up to spills and leaks without bowing or needing to be replaced, especially in rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. We have several waterproof flooring options in styles that you will love. Whether you want laminate, vinyl, or tile, you will find a waterproof product perfect for your home.